The Odyssey is an opportunity to enjoy the Rappahannock River wathershed in three different ways: by foot, by boat, or by bike. Each piece of the Odyssey adventure is designed to take about one hour and will take participants through the historic and natural character and charm of the river and surrounding ecosystems.

Upon checking in at the Virginia Outdoor Center (VOC) booth at the Rock The River Festival grounds, you will get get a passport. You will get directions, destination points, and you will see Odyssey check points along the way, at which you will stamp your passport. Collect all stamps to complete the entire Odyssey, or simply complete a part of the Odyssey - it's your journey!

Return to the festival for your finish time and to share your stories. participants may begin at any time between 11AM-3PM; all participants must return to the festival grounds by 4 PM. There is time to complete all three and earn the triple crown!

Proceeds from the Odyssey benefit Micah and their efforts to provide services to our homeless neighbors.